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Petrus French Restaurant

The elegant atmosphere of our Petrus French Restaurant makes it the perfect location for a fine dining experience. The French furniture, oil paintings, and crystal chandeliers, make Petrus one of the most exclusive dining destinations in Beijing. When entering the exclusive restaurant, you will be greeted by a wall of champagne and fine wines. Classical French music playing in the background will set the mood for a unique culinary experience, making this the perfect location to celebrate a truly fashionable dinner.
The wines are selected from five vineyards in France, with about 1,000 collectable wines to choose from and enjoy. Our executive head chef presents world-class French cooking a la Provence, using specially selected olive oil, black truffles, vanilla pods, and seafood imported from Europe.
Petrus also is ideal for intimate private dinners. The private room at the back of the restaurant is the go-to venue for Beijing’s elite and has been the scene of many extravagant wedding celebrations. Petrus is available for private hire on the weekends.